NLP for Students & Teenagers

NLP for Students & Teenagers can help children and young people strengthen their skills in particular areas to be better equipped to achieve their goals. Examples include communication skills, handling nerves, preparing for exams and interviews, self-motivation, and sports performance.

Key Points of the Workshop

• Establish goals and a road map to achieve them • Sustain motivation and overcome procrastination tendencies • Develop strong study skills • Create a Personal Homework Profile to tap into their optimum skillset • Become a self-advocate and self-starter at home and school • Improve time management and organizational skills • Strengthen relationships with parents & professionals

Completion of this Workshop You can Expect to

• Achieve ambitious academic and athletic goals • Reduce stress • Improve relationships with parents, peers, and teachers • Learn skills that lead to useful, fulfilled lives • Learn how to take sustainable steps toward goals • Align your values with your actions • Learn how to be an effective communicator • Learn how to exercise your leadership skills • Other benefits to coaching include: • Increased self-esteem, self- awareness, and self-acceptance. • Improved decision-making ability. • Improved time management skills. • Goal Setting and accountability to those goals. • Better vision and plans for the future. • Strategies and techniques for coping with social and academic pressure. • We help troubled teenagers get back on track • Encourage a better work ethic • Help young people deal with difficult or embarrassing issues • Discover potential and set goals to reach it