Mark Louie

Publisher at MGC Publishing LLC (UAE)

You have helped me let go some old ways of thinking and to think more positively with your caring and enthusiastic approach, Thank you Mr. Akhil

Abhijith Viswam

Officer at SBI (INDIA)

I'm incredibly proud to share that Akhil helped me achieve my dream job at my dream company!! I have been working with Akhil for the past six months and his service are the best investment l've ever made. Akhil's abilities to connect, understand and take action are second to none. Akhil has solutions and techniques for everything. He provides so much care and attention which makes you feel as if you are his only client. Sessions are always productive and he ensures that you are feeling supported throughout the process. Thank you, Akhil

Chinchu Kaladharan


Working with Akhil is the best choice l've ever made for myself! When my saturn return aligned with a global pandemic I was so lost and overwhelmed. I had a million things I wanted to do with my life and just no idea where to start, but Akhil embraced my chaos and said welcome to adulthood babe, let's get you the tools to start figuring out you plan. He never judged or shamed me, but rather became a close confidant and dare I say friend. Often times our sessions were the highlight of my week! If you have the ability to invest in yourself with his program, no matter where you're at in your life,you will thank yourself later if you go for it. I couldn't recommend his more highly, anyone can benefit from his services!

Hareesh C V

Service Engineer at Pentax Medical(INDIA)

He is very active and enegetic while delivering the session. He gives various relevant examples, explains the concept through stories in an easy manner.

Gayathri Gangadharan

Finance Department

Mr. Akhil is a experienced and they come up something new all the time and help us tune our body and mind accordingly by addressing each one's issues and many. I completely recommend people to join and its worth the time.

Athira K S

Quality Executive (Germany)

Akhil is one of the best life coach in my experience beacuse when I am faces many deficiencies in my life than become depressed stage.. So that's time I Consult many counselors actually no more good results got from there side.. and not satisfied.. while that time I consult Akhil.. he gave me more time in scheduled based for one week in one hour.. then understand after gave the solution's for each and every problem.. how to manage the situation, and how to approach and manage the any kind of the problems.. Literally I am really happy and satisfied.. after that gradually improve mental stage and got the confidence for no more word's for expressing my gratitude..