AKHIL established in 2018, and currently operating in UAE supports all ranks of Business entrepreneurs in terms of achieving their organizational objective via our self-interpersonal motivational tools. AKHIL supports in continued learning streams and skillfulness to all its members through Career Development, Goal Setting, Business Coaching, Soft-skills Training, Personal Coaching and Entrepreneurial Coaching

Our central motive is to create and improve the quality and effectiveness of counseling and consultation with clients on economical behavioral change happening in current business scenario. Our training website has well established training methodologies in demonstrating formal ability to motivational thinking, self-interpersonal skills, creativity, Generosity and Openness. We believe these aspirations leads to excellence, reliability, professionalism and embrace strategy to success.

Life Coach

Akhil Somarajan support with One-on-One sessions with the client, in assisting them achieving what they want in their life and helping them in sorting out their problems and how to deal with it in future.

Entrepreneurial Coach

Our Mind-Body Connection strategy we introduce stress control techniques, focusing on depressions or emotions, and input thoughts to cleansing certain mental conditions with constant attention, control body movements and breathing patters.

Career Development Trainer

Developing practical ideas together for making a better version of yourself in order to achieve your goals and personal skills.

Soft-skills Trainer

Help in discovering your inner potential and developing a strategy customized according to your need to lead a purposeful life