Akhil Somarajan

AKHIL provides you vast accessibility of business tools which can be administered to daily Business needs and guide and lead towards Organizational Success. In this platform you may utilize the vast attainability of our framework that shall lead your business towards a future era of Business operations, in execution with our own strategy that is Actions,Knowing, Helping, In Life strategy.

Coaching Programs

Career Development

We help in discovering your inner potential and developing a strategy customized according to your need to lead a purposeful life. Our skilled trainers personally look into each individual’s current performance by analyzing and assist them to be positively productive in their business entitlement. All individuals dream for their career goals and to receive awesome remuneration. We assure choosing AKHIL a purposeful and a fruitful career life.

Goal Setting

Timely decisions and determination in an organization results to retrieve an effective and efficient running of daily business operations. Our dedicated professionals are in place to offer with an exclusive accessibility of information in order to deliver an effective and efficient utilization of your daily business operations.

Business Coaching

Our Business coaching levels includes with Product identification, Demand analysis, Market research, recommended delegations and more. We support all entrepreneurs to establish suitable brand with entire thesis, establish an efficient interpersonal relationship with your subordinates we deliver certain training sessions that end up with deliverance and productivity.

Soft-skills Trainer

We assist you in developing proficient English communicative skills with our various interactive sessions which involves classroom training method, group tasks, formal/informal communicative sessions, that enables you to gain self-confidence in order to lead a prosperous and successful career. Considering to the current economic factors or other universal conditions happening in the society, these influences straightly to our mind-body resulting stress and anxiousness.

Life Coaching

Upon connection with AKHIL, we promise to achieve in successful accomplishment with our Training modules which are; How to be a better version of yourself, Creating a Passionate and purposeful life, To stay motivated along with facing challenges in life, work and relationships, Converting your dream to Destinations

Entrepreneurial Coaching

We support those individuals to bring forward their dream of starting a Business with our constant approaching and interactive sessions on current market conditions and concepts that’s essentially to be known for start-ups and stage-by-stage process starting a business. Our professional session with experienced trainers includes with planning and executions, knowing current competitors strength, yearly revenue podcasting, challenges that may be occur periodically, decisive management and more on and more on….